Planning Department

The League City Planning Department provides general guidance on zoning and land use in League City. The department reviews and provides information on requests for rezoning, special use permits and variances. The department provides staff support to the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Zoning Board of Adjustments, and the Historic Commission. 

We also process applications for plats, site plans, infrastructure plans, and communication towers, which are subject to review by the Development Review Committee (DRC). The Planning Department is the initial point of contact for the DRC.

Please submit your new project or resubmittal by Friday at 5 p.m. for review the following week. You can expect comments back by Monday (the 6th business day after the submittal deadline).

New Policy Changes for Site Development Plans

As of June 1, 2018, the City of League City will accept all plans associated with new commercial construction and commercial additions in a single submittal package. All commercial development must be submitted with a building permit application. The permit application and all required documentation, including structural and civil plans, will be submitted to the Building Department.

 The permit application and plans for commercial construction shall be submitted through the Building Department, with a commercial building permit application.

The fees from the site development plan will be charged at time of building permit. View an updated fee calculator (PDF). Should you have any questions about the process changes, please contact Kris Carpenter, Planning Manager, at 281-554-1098 or email Kris Carpenter.

Olde Towne Zoning Standards

View the adopted Form Based Code (PDF) for the Olde Towne League City Zoning District (adopted by City Council on November 28, 2017).

Our Mission

To provide excellent customer service and consistent policy recommendations that guide the physical, economic, and social growth of League City to achieve a better quality of life as established by citizens' vision of the community.