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Southeast Service Area Trunks
Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 4.45.28 PM.pngDescription

This project provides trunk lines to serve the east side development and redundant supply to the proposed new East Side Elevated. Project includes for a total of approximately 18,000 LF of 24" line and system appurtenances.  This will complete the south loop to South Shore Boulevard running north to FM 646.  The main East-West section of the 24-inch line will run along FM 646 from FM 270 to South Shore Boulevard, a length of approximately 10,500 LF.


Section 1:  Design & Construction of East-West section of 24” along Strawberry ROW from Dickinson Ave to FM270;

Section 2:  Design & Construction of North-South section of 12” along FM 270 from Strawberry ROW to SH 96, a length of approx. 2,800 LF;


Section 3:  Design of East-West section of 24” along FM646 from FM270 to FM1266 (Tuscan Lakes Blvd);

Section 4:  Design of North-South section of 24” along FM1266 (Tuscan Lakes Blvd) from FM 646 to SH 96, a length of approx. 3,000 LF;

Section 5:  Design of East-West section of 24” along FM646 from FM1266 (Tuscan Lakes Blvd) to South Shore Blvd;


ROW acquisition and construction of Sections 3, 4 & 5

Why It's Needed
This project is needed to provide adequate water supply for the projected development on the east side, making the city's system more redundant and eliminating some of the low pressure areas determined during modeling of the distribution system. A prorated share of the proposed 24-inch will qualify for CRF funding.

Need More:
Looking for financial information or more? You can view the most recent quarterly and monthly status reports with more detail by clicking on the following: Status Reports Quarterly reports will give you where we are at in the budget for the project and monthly reports will give you the latest status updates on active project.

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