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New logo FAQ
Where can I find a copy of the City's branding study?
The Branding Development and Marketing Action Plan is found on the city's website

Was there community input on the logo?
Roger Brooks of Destination Development International (DDI) held a Branding Bootcamp to gather information from the community in order to complete the Branding, Development and Marketing Action Plan, which includes the logo.The Branding Bootcamp was held in March 2010.The communication office released a press release concerning the bootcamp, flyers were created, there were posts to the City website, a video, as well as a mention in Weekly Update  and the meeting also allowed residents the opportunity to watch online and ask questions live via the internet.The flyer was also sent to the League City Chamber, HOA's and targeted individuals.Once the Branding, Development and Marketing Study was complete, the city held a New Direction Open House.The New Direction Open House featured the unveiling of several of the city's new plans including the Comprehensive Plan, Economic Development Strategic Plan, and the Branding, Development and Marketing Study. View the website post and video. A Blackboard call was also utilized to encourage participation and more than 150 people attended the meeting. View the summary that is available. Although the two meetings did touch on the logo, they were focused more on the overall brand. Additionally, there was not a committee to choose the logo, instead DDI used the feedback from these meetings, meetings with Stakeholders, and his assessments of League City to establish the logo.

Has the city done away with the Oak?
No, the city seal is a circle with an oak tree. Neither the current or the former city logo replaced the city seal.

What is the city slogan?Isn't it the City of Friendly Folks and Shady Oaks?
According to a local historian and an article in the Galveston Daily News, Ralph Parr’s father, Arthur Parr, was a founder and first president of the League City Chamber of Commerce. In the 1950s, a contest was hosted by the chamber to come up with a slogan for League City and "City of Friendly Folks and Shady Oaks" won.When the stylized tree logo was introduced in 2009 the slogan "Live it. Love it", which appeared on the logo was introduced as the official city slogan.With the adoption of the boat logo, there is no official city slogan, but the city is using "League City Style" in advertisements as suggested by Roger Brooks in the branding study. Examples of marketing uses of the slogan are included in the branding study on pages 57-67.

Did the city pay 70,000 for the new logo?
No, the logo was not a $70,000 expense, however, the city did hire Destination Development Inc. to perform a branding, marketing, development study for that cost to help the city market itself and bring new business and tourists to the area.The study was completed in 2010. While the logo was included in the study, it was only a small part of the study.

Is implementing the new logo a large expense for the city?
The City Council voted to cut the cost of implementing the new logo by phasing in the new logo and only adding it to items as those items are in need of replacement, needed for new project, or for new employees.