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Have the Requirements Changed Since the Last Time the Police Officer Recruit (POR) Examination was Announced?

Are the Other Parts of the Hiring Process the Same?
Yes, for a comprehensive list of the other parts please see our eligibilty requirements.

When Can I Apply for Police Officer Recruit?
The exams are announced 30 days prior to the exam being given on the test registration page.

What Is the Closing Date for Submitting a Registration for the Civil Service Exam?
Registrations must be received by 24 hours prior to the testing date and time.

Where Can I Get an Application?
Applications will only be given to persons that pass the written and physical assessment test.

Can I Submit Documentation with My Registration?

When Will the Police Officer Recruit Exam Be Given?
The exams are announced 30 days prior to the exam being given on the test registration page.

Will Any Accommodations Be Made for Testing for Out of State Applicants?
There are no accommodations for testing for out of state applicants unless the background investigator is able to schedule multiple events related to any one trip.

What Is the Starting Salary for Police Officer Recruit?
Non-certified peace officers begin at $39,039.25 (while in the police academy). Certified peace officers start at $51,831.77. After one year pay raises to $56,123.16. The entire pay scale can be viewed on the salary chart.

Who Can Apply?
Anyone who meets the published minimum requirements can apply.

Is There an Age Requirement for Taking the Exam?
There is no age requirement at the time of application; however, candidates must have reached their 21st birthday by the date of appointment. The date of appointment is the date the person enters into the police academy.

Do I Need to Have a Driver’s License?
Possession of a valid proper class motor vehicle operator’s license from any state is required prior to appointment.

Do I Have to Be a United States Citizen?
Yes, you must be a US Citizen at the time of appointment. 

If I Have a Criminal Record, Can I Still Apply?
Yes, the police department will consider a candidate’s record on a case-by-case basis. 

Will I be Given a Study Booklet?

Is There a Practice Exam & Is It Available Online?

Will I Receive Notice of My Results Regardless of Whether I Pass or Fail?

If I Fail the Written Examination, will I Receive My Final Score?
You will be notified that you failed the examination, but you will not receive a score. 

How will I be Notified?
Pass / Fail postings will be conducted at the time of the exam being completed and prior to taking the physical agility test. 

How Long will it be Once a Person Passes the Written Exam to Starting Police Academy Classes?
It depends on several factors, including the police department’s schedule for hiring and the candidates’ rank on the list. In addition, there are other processes to take into consideration such as background check, etc. 

What If I am Already on the Current Police Officer Recruit List, do I Have to Take the Next Exam?
It is advisable for you to re-apply and take the upcoming exam. The current list will soon expire. 

How Often is the Police Officer Recruit Exam Administered?
The exam is administered approximately every six months. 

How Long will the Eligible List Created from this Exam be Good for?
Six months from the date it is established or until the list is exhausted, whichever comes first. 

Does the League City Police Department Have Lateral Transfers from Other Police Department Jurisdiction?
No, but a candidate who is TCLEOSE certified may apply and be hired at a certified peace officer salary. 

Will I Get Preference If I am a Military Veteran?
No, however if you are a veteran with an honorable discharge you will have five points added to your passing (70%) test score. 

How Long do I Need to be a Police Officer Recruit Before I Can be Promoted?
You must successfully complete training as a police officer recruit at the City of League City Police Department and have two years service with the department before you can be promoted.  

If I Have Previous Law Enforcement or Military Police Experience Can I Hire in as a Supervisor?

What Shift will I be Assigned to Upon Completion of My Training?
It depends upon what the shift staffing needs of the departments are at the time; however, generally newer officers go to the night shifts. 

What Times do Day & Night Shifts Start & End?
We work 12 hour shifts with day shift starting at 6 a.m. and ending at 6 p.m., and night shift starting at 6 p.m. and ending at 6 a.m. 

If I am Not Certified will League City Police Department Send Me to an Academy?

Is the Police Academy a Local Academy?
Yes, the academies most frequently used are Alvin Community College Police Academy, University of Houston-Downtown Police Academy, and Houston Community College Police Academy. 

How Long Is the Police Academy & What Are the Requirements?
The police academy is approximately 26 weeks long and encompasses areas in physical fitness, defensive, tactics, firearms training, and basic police academic training. 

Where Can I Meet or Talk to a Recruiter?
You can always call our recruiters at the listed numbers and schedule an appointment at the League City Police Department.
  • Officer Marty Adcock at 281-554-1801
  • Officer Jim Bitner at 281-554-1804