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Volunteer and Foster at the League City Animal Shelter

animal shelter volunteer_thumb.jpgOur organization relies heavily on volunteers. Without their hard work, dedication and commit to LCAS we would not be able to offer many of the programs we have at LCAS.

If you are seeking community service hours for a pending or completed court case or for school disciplinary purposes, please call the shelter at 281-554-1377. Do not fill out a volunteer application or register for volunteer open house.

If you would like to foster an animal displaced by Hurricane Harvey please click here.


  • Must be 16 or older to volunteer in the shelter
  • Attend Open House, which includes signing a Volunteer Agreement and a Release of Liability Waiver
    • If you are under the age of 18, your parent/guardian must attend the Open House with you.
    • Must commit to 3 months with 1 hour a week minimum
    • Attend additional training sessions and requirements by LCAS Volunteer Program
    • Treat animals in our care with kindness and concern for their welfare
    • Represent themselves and LCAS in a professional manner and treat clients, staff, and other volunteers with respect

Volunteer Open House

Volunteer Open House is mandatory for all potential volunteers for LCAS. A t Open House you will learn more about our organization and what is expected of you as a volunteer in our program. You will learn about the different positions that are available and given a tour of the shelter.  Open house is scheduled 1-2 months in advance. Click Here  to see currently scheduled sessions and make a reservation.

A reservation is required to attend Open House. All volunteers must have a spot regardless of whether they are volunteers or accompanying a minor. No spots will be available for walk-in attendees. Parking is limited and registrants need to be checked in by the time the Open House begins, so we strongly recommend that you arrive 15 minutes early. 

Open House Registration REGISTER HERE


Why Do We Need Volunteers? 
Canine Companion

Ensure LCAS dogs get the walks, exercise, training, and TLC they need and deserve every day. Canine Companion volunteers help increase the adoptability of all canines that enter our shelter.  The volunteers work as a team to help care for, training, and socialize the dogs in our care. This includes shelter enrichment, clicker training, mental and physical stimulation, and lots of love. All canine companion (CC) volunteers begin as a level 1 CC volunteer and can progress to advance levels. 

Feline Friend

Feline Friend team is a self-directed group of volunteers committed to improving the general living experience of all cats at the League City Animal Shelter. The volunteers provide basic care and human contact for cats that are healthy and adjusted. Feline Friend volunteers provide gentle socialization for cats so they are and continue to be presentable to the public for adoption. All feline friend (FF) volunteers begin as a level 1 FF volunteer and can progress to level 2.

Adoption Events

Volunteers on the Events team staff League City Animal Shelter booths at community events to promote shelter services, adoptions, volunteer and foster programs, and hanging out with adoptable animals. Volunteers act as LCAS ambassadors to the public. This includes our Petsmart and Paws and Claws Adoption Center team.


Join the team of inspired individuals that help create fundraising events and grant writing for the LCAS. LCAS depends highly on donations for medical bills, supplies, food, and many other needs. Fundraisers include seasonal and annual events including yearlong planning events.    

Adoption Desk Support

Assist adoption staff at LCAS by answering questions from the public and facilitating introductions between potential adopters and our dogs and cats. Follow up with clients after adoption or foster to adopt to check in and answer any questions or concerns.


 Foster Cat and Dog parents save hundreds of lives each year by opening their homes and hearts to help young ill, injured, abused or under-socialized animals. Many of these dogs or cats would otherwise be euthanized due to lack of space and staff time necessary to provide individual attention and care. The joy of seeing a cat placed into a loving, permanent home, knowing that as a foster parent directly made a difference in, or even saved the animal’s life, is extremely rewarding.

"Click Here" to see our foster opportunities and to join our Foster Team.


Take and post digital photos of adoptable animals for marketing materials. Experience and DSLR camera strongly preferred. A cat photographer is currently needed.

Volunteer Coordination

Help us run the volunteer program! Responsibilities may include conducting volunteer open house, supervising volunteer groups, updating the volunteer management system, and answering questions about volunteering.

Marketing/PR/Graphic Design

Help educate the public about LCAS and our mission via media relations, social media, and marketing campaigns. Create a variety of promotional materials including brochures, ads, posters and flyers.

Frequently Asked Questions11164580_10153789631916664_4689231990442198501_o.jpg
How do I become a LCAS volunteer?

  1. Attend LCAS Volunteer Open House.
  2. Hands-on Training with designated mentor.
  3. Interview with a peer volunteer.
  4. Complete online profile and start volunteering!

How long is Open House?

Open House typically runs about an hour long. It is important to stay for the entire duration including the presentation and facility tour.

I’ve attended the Open House, now what do I do?

At Open House you are able to select what position best interest you. The lead for the open house will have a print out of each job description available with the steps on how to become a part of that team. Each position will require specific training including shadowing and an interview. Once you have completed all necessary steps you will fill out an online profile and you will be an official LCAS Volunteer!

I need to fulfill community service hours, what should I do?

If you are seeking community service hours for a pending or completed court case, please contact the shelter at 281-554-1377. Community service can be completed Sunday through Monday. You must arrive at the shelter no later than 8:00am. Normally, the hours will be from 8:00am-12:00pm, except on Sunday and Monday, when the hours are from 8:00am till 5:00pm.

Requirements for the program:

  • No one under the age of 18 will be accepted for community service hours.
  • No one with any allergies or sensitive to cats, dogs, birds, or cleaning chemicals will be allowed.
  • You must wear long pants, closed toe non slip shoes and a shirt with sleeves (long or short).

Other restrictions may apply, please contact the shelter for more information.

If you are seeking community service hours for school, an organization, or personal pleasure, please follow the steps above for How Do I Become a LCAS Volunteer?  You will be in charge of any documentation, including tracking your volunteer hours on your own time sheet. You may request than an LCAS mentor initial your time sheet each time you volunteer. If you require other documentation of your volunteer hours including LCAS letterhead, please contact .

Can my group set-up a service day?

We strongly encourage groups to become fully oriented volunteers by participating in our regular volunteer orientation process. Small groups (less than 5 people) that are requesting multiple shifts (more than 1 per month) must proceed with the regular volunteer orientation process this includes the 3 month commitment and 1 hour a week shift.

Due to limited staff and volunteer availability, we cannot accommodate groups larger than 10 people and must limit the number of un-oriented groups on-site each month. If you are seeking a one-time group volunteering opportunity, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at .

You are also always welcome to support LCAS by setting up a fundraising or supply drive, as we are always in need of funds and supplies to run our operations! Please contact if you would like to learn more about fundraising options.

I would like to set-up a tour of the shelter for my group, how do I do that?

If you would like a tour of our shelter please contact our special events team by clicking HERE to fill out a request form. Please include a requested date for the tour, number of attendees, age range of the group, and any special circumstances regarding your group such as a, specific topics you would like discussed, or special accommodations needed.  We will do our best to accommodate your group. It is highly recommended, if this is your groups first time visiting our shelter, your group leader to visit our shelter prior to scheduling a tour to see if our shelter is suitable for your group. Large groups are not recommended due to limited space.

I would like to have the League City Animal Shelter at our special event, how do I make this request?

Is your organization hosting an event and want League City Animal Shelter to participate? We would love to partner with you to

help spread the message of humane treatment of animals and pet adoption. Please fill out the form by clicking HERE and

someone will contact you shortly in regards to your request. Thank you!