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Do you have a family plan?

While we usually have a few days to prepare as a storm is in the Gulf, it seems there is never enough time. Having a family plan in place can help make those days a little less stressful. Here are a few good ideas we thought might help your family in the event of an emergency. 

• Everyone in your family should have one point of contact that does not live here in League City. If you remember Hurricane Rita, placing a phone call within city limits was quite a challenge. 

• Make sure that out of town contact numbers are programmed in everyone's cell phones. If you have anyone without a cell phone, make sure they are given a prepaid card with important numbers programmed. 

• Ensure that all family members know how to text message. Text messages often go through even when phone calls won't. 

• Subscribe to our Blackboard Connect Emergency Notification System (see link below) so that League City can contact you and let you know about bad weather, road closings, local emergencies, etc. 

• Listen to local emergency officials and follow their instructions. Listen to local TV and radio. (KTRH-AM 740 is the designated Emergency Alert station for the Houston area).

• Have a plan of action for any emergency. If you must relocate, have a predetermined destination, route and alternate route whether its out of the area of to the nearest shelter. 

Learn More: 

Create a comprehensive family plan at Ready.gov by following this link. 
Download this printable wallet-sized family emergency plan fold out from Ready.gov.
Sign up for the City's emergency notification system here.
Find more information about decisions that need to be made as a part of the planning process from Ready.gov.