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Nature Center Wetland Enhancement & Shoreline


This project at the Dr. Ned & Fay Dudney Clear Creek Nature Center will need to be completed in 2 phases.                                    

Phase 1 will include:  topographic survey and design services for culvert repair, topographic survey and conceptual design for shoreline protection.  This project is to design and construct replacement of a washed out culvert to reconnect the lagoon to Clear Creek.  Design services also include surveys to collect topographic and feature data for the site and develop an enhancement plan for shoreline protection.

Future Phase 2 will include:  Shoreline protection/stabilization based on topographic survey and assessment with options from conceptual design.  Shoreline enhancements are needed to protect the shoreline at the Nature Center from further erosion.  This includes approximately 3,000 linear feet of the shoreline along Clear Creek.  This area would be protected using a combination of 'hard' and 'soft' engineering techniques.  These improvements will be addressed at a future date. Park Dedication fees will fund this project.            

Why It’s Needed:

Repair of the culvert is needed to re-established and maintain the fresh/intermediate hydrology of the lagoon.  This would also allow the current ecology to continue to exist and be a haven for migratory birds during the migration seasons.  Repair of the shoreline would help to slow down the erosion process that is quickly occurring at this time.