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Annual Lift Station Improvements

The project consists of proposed slope paving (concrete lining) improvements to the following drainage rights-of-way:

(1) Interurban Ditch (1400LF) north from FM 518 ($3.27M):

  • Design $190,775 started in FY2012 (delayed due to USACOE permitting issues)  • Additional drainage design $18K FY2014
  • Environmental Mitigation $560K FY2016  • Construction $2.5M FY2018

(2) Nottingham Ditch (1400LF) from Calder Road to the Interurban Ditch ($1.72M):

  • Design $190,775 started in FY2012 (delayed due to USACOE permitting issues) • Environmental permitting $30K budgeted in FY2014
  • Construction $1.5M FY2016

(3) Bradshaw Road (1600LF) SW from SH3 to the north line of CCISD's Parr Elementary School ($2.24M):

  • Design $240K FY2017  • Construction $2M FY2019

(4) Newport Ditch (900LF) north from FM518 ($3.14M)

  • Design $160K FY2019  • Environmental Mitigation $560K FY2020  • Construction $2.42M FY2021

(5) FM518-Myrtlewood Ditch (1400LF) ($3.12M)

  • Design $120K FY2018  • Construction $3M FY2020


NOTE:  Project(s) identified in the LAN drainage study for the Historic District area is a separate project in this program.

Why It’s Needed:

The majority of the City's lift stations have seen capacity improvements and rehibilitation activity in past years, through the City's on-going Capital Improvement Program and O&M funded projects. Two of the above mentioned sites were constructed in the early eighties and are critical stations serving large service areas. Although some improvements have occurred, the pumps and associated piping have been in service for close to thirty years and have reached the end of their expected service life. The DSWWTP duty pumps were retrofitted into lift station in 1997. Duty pumps run during low demands to save energy and also assist peak flow weather events, in this scenario run times and wear are often doubled in comparison to standard applications. Replacement reduces frequency of costly repair activity on pumps of this age, repairs at this horsepower range from $10K - $30K.

Need More:

Looking for financial information or more? You can view the most recent quarterly and monthly status reports with more detail by clicking on the following: Status Reports Quarterly reports will give you where we are at in the budget for the project and monthly reports will give you the latest status updates on active project. 

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