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DSWWTP & West Main Lift Station Odor Control

West Main Lift Station Odor Control & associated controls and potable water service - $150,000  Engineering-$22,500 (15%)  
DSWWTP Influent LS Odor Control (Ozone Generator) & associated controls and potable water service- $225,000  Engineering-$33,750 (15%)

Why It’s Needed:

The West Main Lift Station serves a large service area including the City's North Service Area and areas along Palomino and FM 518 W. The recent completion of the North Service Area Lift Station and force main have contributed to odor producing conditions, as the long force main discharges upstream of West Main LS. When this flow reaches West Main LS, turbulence within the wet well  releases Hydrogen Sulfide gas that is becoming a nuisance for residents living adjacent to the site. The proposed odor control system will reduce nuisance odors to a tolerable level for near-by residents.

The Dallas Salmon WWTP is located in the historical district on Wisconsin St, adjacent to the Butler Longhorn Museum. Odor issues have increased in recent years, as hydrogen sulfide (H2s) concentrations escalate in association with drought influenced summers. Prevailing winds typically steer odors toward the unpopulated area along Clear Creek, but winds from the SW, 180 degrees clockwise to the NE, blow nuisance odors directly into the adjacent neighborhood near DSWWTP. Residents, museum events, prospective real estate buyers can be negatively affected during these unfavorable wind conditions. Ozone generation technology offers the option of "on demand" system operations versus the continuous run mode of a standard biological odor control system, associated electrical and maintenance savings, very compact installation footprint, and half the overall capital cost of biological systems required for this large application.                

Need More:

Looking for financial information or more? You can view the most recent quarterly and monthly status reports with more detail by clicking on the following: Status Reports Quarterly reports will give you where we are at in the budget for the project and monthly reports will give you the latest status updates on active project. 

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