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Recycling Questions
Frequently Asked Questions: Recycling
Can we still use our red recycling bins from the previous company?
No. Recycling will not be picked up in any container other than the 48-gallon, wheeled, topped cart, or in a clear plastic recycle bag that can be purchased at a grocery, hardware, or discount store retailer like Walmart.

What items can be recycled in curbside pick-up? Also, do we need to remove the bottle cap lids off of our water and soda bottles?
View  list of all acceptable recyclable items. No, it is not necessary to remove bottle caps for bottles to be recycled.

Do I need to separate or bag my recycling items?
Not at all. There is no need to sort or separate your recyclables. If you need to bag them for items that will not fit in your container please do so in clear or clear blue bags only and place them with your bin or on top of your bin.

I live in an apartment. Can I recycle?
That depends on the complex in which you reside. If your complex has recycling containers out we encourage you to take advantage of them. While we do not provide bins to apartment residents we do urge you to utilize the city's recycling center at 1535 Dickinson Avenue. The center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for recycling drop off.

Are we allowed to mark a large polycart for recycling and fill it?
The simple answer is no. All recycling should be placed in the 48 gallon bins and/or bagged in clear plastic bags. Polycarts, even if marked with recycling symbols, will not be emptied by AmeriWaste.