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Home Inspection
Home Security Inspection
With a home security inspection you can receive a reduction in homeowners insurance premiums. The Texas Department of Insurance has requirements that a home must meet to pass a home security inspection. The requirements are concentrated on the windows, doors, and locks of a home.

If the home passes the inspection a certificate will be mailed from the Texas Department of Insurance. With that certificate you can receive up to 15% off of your home insurance annually, depending on your insurance company.

The League City Police Department has crime prevention officers that do home security inspections. The inspections are free of charge and take approximately 10 minutes. You can get a copy of the home inspection requirements from the League City Police Department.

To Make an Appointment
Inspections are done by appointment only. Please read the requirements and be in compliance prior to making your appointment.

To schedule your appointment, or if you have any questions contact Officer Christy Galyean at 281-338-8201 or email.

What is Needed to Pass an Inspection?
For the deduction on home insurance per Art.5.33A, Sec6 (a)(1), Texas Insurance Code, the following is needed:
  • The exterior doors are solid core (1 3/8 inch thick or more) secured with deadbolt.
  • Exterior metal doors are secured with a deadbolt.
  • For all doors - if there is glass within 40 inches of the deadbolt then the lock must be key operated from both sides. The deadbolt must have a throw of no less than one inch and must penetrate a metal strike plate.
  • Exterior double doors (French doors) must meet all of the requirements of exterior doors in the three requirements above, and the inactive door must be secured by header and threshold bolts that penetrate a metal strike plate.
  • Sliding glass doors must be secured by secondary locking devices to prevent lifting or prying.
  • Dutch doors must have concealed flush bolt locking devices, which interlocks the top and bottom halves. The doors must also meet the requirements of the first three requirements above.
  • Garage doors must have a key operated locking device.
  • Windows must be secured by secondary locking devices (i.e., screws, wooden dowels, pinning devices, thumbscrew devices, and key locks). Metal gratings or burglar bars, which are mounted for easy removal, may be considered secondary locks. Jalousie or louvered windows can only qualify if they have a metal grating or burglar bars mounted.

For the deduction on home insurance per Art. 5.33A, Sec 6 (a)(2), Texas Insurance Code, for an alarm, the following is needed:
  • Must be monitored by an alarm company.
  • All exterior openings must have an alarm contact.
  • Must have two sirens - one exterior and one interior. Must have two certificates from alarm company - Equipment and central monitoring - UL approved; and Sales, Service, installation, and monitoring comply with Private Investigation / Security Act.