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Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE)

The League City Police Department is the only municipal police agency within Galveston County on Interstate 45 to provide commercial vehicle enforcement. The League City community is growing rapidly. With numerous residential and commercial development projects, there are many commercial vehicles traveling our roadways. The CVE Unit was created in 2007 and is assigned under the Special Operations Division.

The goal of the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit is:

• To reduce commercial motor vehicle accidents though the enforcement of Motor Carrier Safety Regulations;
• To protect the roadways from unnecessary damage by securing compliance with state laws regulating weight of commercial vehicles;
• To ensure equitable payment of commercial vehicle registration fees by enforcement of registration laws;
• To protect the rights, privileges and safety of the general public in use of the public highway system by securing compliance with traffic laws and regulations applicable to the operation of all vehicles.

The League City Police Department has two officers dedicated solely to commercial vehicle enforcement. Our officers are involved in the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and certified in the following areas:
• North American Roadside Inspection Parts A and B
• Texas Intrastate Part C
• Hazardous Materials
o Non-Bulk Hazardous Materials
o Bulk Hazardous Materials
• Cargo Tank Inspections
• Other Bulk Inspections

CVE Officers are tasked with observing and enforcing both federal, state, and local law violations. Upon observing ANY commercial vehicle operating on a public roadway, federal law allows law enforcement to conduct inspections. Our inspections are done the same way each time, ensuring safety issues are quickly identified while also respecting the time of the driver. Depending on the condition of the vehicle and whether violations exist, the inspection can take up to three hours. There are a number of factors that are assessed during an inspection, to include:

• Driver’s Log-Rest Period
• Brake Inspections
• Fuel System
• Tires
• Steering Mechanism
• Exhaust System
• Coupling Devices
• Frame
• Lighting Devices
• Safe Loading
• Suspension
• Van and Open Top Trailers
• Windshield Wipers

A driver who performs systematic inspections on the commercial vehicle and resolves any issues, should obtain clean roadside inspections by our CVE Officers.

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