League City Residents Step Up

Emmaly R's Story

Emmaly R, at 28 yrs old, is going to focus on Lean, Clean, and Green! Here's what she's done!

"I just completed my first compost tumbler about three weeks ago. I've had a compost pile for about three years. I upgraded to a tumbler because of fire ants and I'm more likely to turn it. The project took about three hours and cost under $30. I got the drum from a local car wash for $5. I built it according to materials I already lurking in my garage.

Composting in this climate is simple and quick and the final product is beautiful, not to mention it helps reduce what ends up in the landfill. I focus on grass clippings and vegetable scraps (no fat, meats, sugars). Last year I had my first organic in-the-ground (non-raised bed) garden thanks to homemade compost. The rich hummus provided large, well producing plants. The soil in my garden and flower beds looks like soil out of the Midwest (I never through I would get so excited about worms).

We mulch our grass clippings back into our yard, however our neighbors have lawn services, so yes I am the illusive shadow at dusk helping myself to the neighbor's curb-side yard clippings. My plans are to go completely organic this year and double my garden plot."

White Compost Drum