For Pool Construction

The homeowner or the general contractor should fill out a Pool Permit Application (PDF) form available at the Building Department or online. The licensed electrician and plumber (registered to do work in the city) must sign on to the permit along with information on any equipment to be installed. Please refer to the Pool Brochure (PDF) for frequently asked questions.  

Placement of Pool

  • A pool shall only be placed on a property as an accessory to a primary structure (house or other occupied building).
  • A pool may be placed no closer than three (3) feet to any property line. Traditional building setbacks do not apply to pools at or below grade.
  • No pool or associated underground, private drainage / utilities can be located within a utility easement, unless otherwise permitted by all franchise utility companies.
  • All pool equipment must maintain a three (3)-foot clear area between the property line and the equipment.
  • The water surface of a pool does not count toward the total impervious surface allowance on a lot.

To confirm the zoning and/or setbacks of your property, you may contact Planning at 281-554-1080 or view the Interactive Zoning Map.

Construction Requirements for Pool

The Owner or General Contractor is required to submit to the Building Department the following documents for Plan Review and Approval, along with a Pool Permit Application (PDF).

  • Survey with and without the proposed pool.
  • Copy of site plan showing the location of the pool in relation to any structures. Show the distances from water’s edge to all structures, p-trap location, highlight the fence, and show the equipment location, easements and property lines.
  • Audible alarms details are required.
  • Fence details.
  • Impervious surface calculation of the entire property.
  • Signed Pool Barriers Statement (PDF) Form (residential pools only).
  • Pool steel detail.
  • Structures and/or foundations from any structure less than 60 inches (5 feet) to the water’s edge must submit an engineer proximity letter.
  • Glass less than 60 inches (5’) to water’s edge will require safety glazing.
  • Pool equipment list, spa specs, structural specs, and deck specs should all be included on the submitted plans.
  • Pool equipment information.
  • P-trap location. A p-trap is required unless a home is on a septic.
  • Vacuum breaker location.
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan showing the minimal BMP’s being used during construction
  • Copy of Galveston County Health District application (commercial pools only).
  • All new permit application submittals should be emailed (as one merged PDF) to Building Department. Files larger than 15MB will need to be sent with a file transfer link, such as Dropbox.

Helpful Documents