Budget & Project Management

Budget & Financial Planning Office

The mission of the budget office is to provide fiscal control and guidance for all city funds while complying with applicable local, state and federal regulations.

The City of League City’s Budget Office is located at:
300 W Walker
League City, TX 77573

Project Management Office

The Project Management Office was created to deliver Capital Projects to the citizens of League City. The department’s mission is to guide and coordinate the development, implementation and project delivery of the 5-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP); to ensure efficient, effective planning, design, construction and maintenance of City infrastructure; and provide outstanding customer service to user departments and external customers.

CIP Project Updates

2019 League City Bond Program

  1. Angie Steelman

    Director of Budget & Project Management
    Phone: 281-338-4186

  2. Angie Waldon

    Executive Assistant
    Phone: 281-554-1458

  3. Budget Office

  4. Robin Cochran

    Budget & Financial Planning Manager
    Phone: 281-554-1371

  5. Gwendolyn Bradley

    Financial Analyst
    Phone: 281-554-1373

  6. Sarah Leslie

    Financial Analyst
    Phone: 281-554-1347

  7. Kristin Clark

    Grant and CIP Administrator
    Phone: 281-554-1363

  8. Project Management

  9. Cara Davis

    Assistant Director of Project Management
    Phone: 281-554-1267

  10. Susan Oyler

    Senior Project Manager
    Phone: 281-554-1453

  11. Scott Tuma

    Project Manager
    Phone: 281-554-1431

  12. Anthony Talluto

    Project Manager
    Phone: 281-554-1451

  13. Susan Wologo

    Project Technician
    Phone: 281-554-1436

  14. Bob Duke

    Parks Planner/Project Manager
    Phone: 281-554-1456

  15. Jay Doyle

    Senior Project Manager
    Phone: 281-554-1454

  16. Heidi Hernandez

    Land/Right of Way Specialist
    Phone: 281-554-1459

  17. Marcos Garcia

    Senior Project Manager
    Phone: 281-554-1486

  18. Danny Carder

    Project Manager
    Phone: 281-554-1443

  19. Jaime Dino

    Project Manager
    Phone: 281-554-1487