Severe Weather Awareness

Severe Weather Awareness Week March 3 through 9, 2013

Governor Rick Perry has proclaimed the week of March 3 through 9 as Severe Weather Awareness Week in Texas. In an official proclamation, he reminded Texans of the threat to life that thunderstorms pose, from lightning to floods to tornadoes and stressed the importance of staying aware of weather conditions, and being prepared.

Preparing for Severe Weather

  • Know the county that you live in and the names of nearby major cities. Severe thunderstorm warnings are issued on a county by county basis with the names of major cities highlighted in the warnings.
  • Have a NOAA Weather Radio in your home or place of business. Some receivers are specially built to alarm any time a severe weather watch or warning is issued by the National Weather Service.
  • Make sure you are aware of the best spot in your home to take shelter from severe weather. The most appropriate place is usually an interior room on the lowest floor of your home and away from windows. If you know severe weather is approaching or a severe thunderstorm warning is issued, seek shelter immediately! Being in a sturdy building on the lowest floor and away from windows is the only safe place in a severe thunderstorm! Automobiles, boats, or out in the open are not safe places in severe thunderstorms.