Do you have a plan?

Can you remember the last time you were able to get your entire family together long enough to make important decisions? And was it at a time you were in a stressful situation? Hopefully it wasn't, but if it was you may have been left hoping you had a little more time to plan before those decisions had to be made.

That's why were encouraging you to sit down with your family NOW so that you'll be ready. Use the tips, map and links provided on this page to create your family's plan.

Paper cut outs of a house, a car and a family

TIP - commit a weekend to:

  1. Updating telephone numbers
  2. Buying emergency supplies
  3. Reviewing your plan with your entire family; Print out this page from the GCOEM with helpful hints for planning an evacuation
  4. Print the evacuation routes here
Hurrican Evacuation Zip-Zones Coastal, A, B, C Document

Use these links to help create plans for those who need them most:

  • Your Family
  • Your Pets
  • Your Seniors
  • Your Vehicle
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Are You Prepared?

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