Executive Team

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City Manager
John Baumgartner
281-554-1414 Email John Baumgartner
Assistant City Manager
Ogden "Bo" Bass 281-554-1007
Email Bo Bass
Assistant City Manager Michael Kramm
281-554-1368 Email Michael Kramm
City Attorney Nghiem Doan
281-554-1003 Email Nghiem Doan
City Auditor Rhonda Lee
281-554-1022 Email Rhonda Lee
City Secretary Diana Stapp
281-554-1034 Email Diana Stapp
Police Chief Gary Ratiff
281-338-4180 Email Gary Ratliff
Fire Chief Gary Warren
281-554-1478 Email Gary Warren
Director of Human Resources and Civil Service Janet Shirley
281-554-1006 Email Janet Shirley
Director of Facilities and Information Technology Ryan Smith
281-338-8200 Email Ryan Smith
Director of Communications and Media Relations Sarah Greer Osborne 281-554-1025 Email Sarah Greer Osborne
Director of Economic Development Scott Livingston
281-554-1036 Email Scott Livingston
Director of Planning and Development David Hoover
281-554-1450 Email David Hoover
Director of Parks and Cultural Services
Chien Wei
281-554-1187 Email Chien Wei
Director of Public Works Jody Hooks
281-554-1320 Email Jody Hooks
Director of Finance Kristine Polian
281-554-1359 Email Kristine Polian
Director of Budget and Project Management Angie Steelman
281-338-4186 Email Angie Steelman
Director of Engineering Christopher Sims
281-554-1440 Email Christopher Sims