Strategic Action Plan

In the spring of 2018, Council, the Mayor, and City Management collaborated to develop a Strategic Action Plan for the City of League City. The framework of the plan consists of a vision statement for the City’s future, eight critical success factors that are necessary for success, and eleven strategic initiatives to guide the work of City staff over the next three to five years.

Vision Statement 

League City — the best place to live, work, and play.



Develop and Maintain our Infrastructure

The City of League City carefully plans and maintains infrastructure (water, mobility, drainage) that supports the future needs of the City. City facilities are regularly updated and replaced to meet growing community needs. The City sustains and maintains a regulatory compliant water supply for all residential and commercial customers and works to improve drainage to minimize the adverse effects of extreme weather.

Initiative 1: Secure water supply for buildout and implement Water Master Plan

Initiative 2: Continue to refine and utilize the Master Mobility Plan so as to improve traffic flow


Financially Sustainable

The City of League City is guided by sound fiscal policies that support the City’s reputation for excellence in budgeting and financial reporting. An excellent bond rating ensures that the City is able to construct infrastructure improvements at the most financially advantageous rates.

Initiative 3: Develop a long-term financial plan to reduce tax and debt burden on residential property owners


Safe and Desirable Community

League City is known as a safe and desirable community. Quality amenities support the lifestyle of City residents who continue to move here for excellent schools and recreational resources. Residents and businesses know they can count on the City to ensure a safe community through its outstanding, community-oriented Police department, responsive Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and comprehensive emergency services during times of extreme weather.

Initiative 4: Maintain emergency response times


Quality Community Amenities

League City parks, library, and animal control systems keep pace with the needs of a growing community. Walking/biking paths connect neighborhoods with regional parks and attractions, and the City has appropriate rules to ensure Homeowner Association Parks are kept up-to-date.

Initiative 5: Focus on acquisition of new land and development of existing land for facilities, recreation programming, and trails as outlined in the Parks Master Plan

Initiative 6: Explore and create opportunities for development along Clear Creek, as well as utilization of detention, retention, and drainage easements

Initiative 7: Build a new animal shelter, as approved by City Council, with a focus on community involvement through volunteerism, outreach, and education


Trained, Committed, and Valued Workforce

League City employees are valued and recognized for the role they play in providing services to the community. The City has a competitive total compensation philosophy and recognizes employees who live out the organizational values every day. The City has developed a robust learning environment that supports certifications, training, and career and leadership development. The organization and community are well-served by an organization that anticipates and plans for orderly succession as employees retire from the City.

Initiative 8: Enhance the employee recognition program that includes incentivizing staff innovation and recognizing “S.E.R.V.I.C.E.” values

Engaged Residents

League City residents recognize their role in establishing a thriving community and staying engaged with their City government. The City has developed a robust communication and engagement plan that encourages participation from all demographics of the community.

Initiative 9: Develop a Citizen Survey


Economic Development and Tourism

League City has worked hard to develop a diverse tax base and is a growing center for commercial businesses and offices. People from outside League City look for opportunities to visit the quality amenities and attractions that make League City more than a bedroom community, employment center and shopping destination.

Initiative 10: Continue to identify and target potential investors and partners to create entertainment venues by offering a fast-track process and economic development incentives


Quality-Built Environment

The City plans for a quality-built environment as available land is developed and existing properties are redeveloped. Regulations support attractive development that decreases the volumetric effect of storms and flooding on homes and buildings.

Initiative 11: Implement comprehensive enhanced development standards that address aesthetics, flood risk, site planning, and energy (LEED)