Rolando Villarreal

young male professional

Tell us about your job/what you do.

I am responsible for leading the business development and community relations duties for a team of financial advisors in League City. I strive to be a positive resource for our community to reach out to with any financial needs they may have. I also work with all our existing clients to service any needs they may have while maintaining great relationships.

What other organizations are you involved in?

I currently serve on the Board of Directors at the League City Regional Chamber of Commerce, where I also serve as both the board oversight for the Young Professionals Committee and the chairman of the Health Care Committee. I am also a member of the C-Crewe Young Professionals of the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Why do you think it’s important to be involved in your community?

I think it is important to be involved because it is a way to help your surroundings grow. Whether that is helping a local small business, or volunteering your time at a local based non-profit.

What are your future goals?

I work with a great team of Financial Advisors! Don, Clint, and Mike have been a team for more than 18 years, so I hope to continue the success they have developed over their careers. I hope to continue to grow within my community. I think today's leaders have done such a great job of building League City into a place families want to come to, it will be my generation's duty to continue that positive growth for years to come.

How long have you lived in League City? 

I have lived in League City since 1999.

What are your hobbies/interest? 

I am an avid Houston sports fan. I love going to Texans, Astros, and Rockets games with my wife, or finding a local spot to watch the games.

What drew you to League City? 

I grew up in League City, and always knew it was where I wanted to start my family. I believe it is a great privilege to work and live in the same community I grew up in.

What one word would you use to describe League City?


What is your favorite place to eat in League City?

Legends Sports Grill on the west side of League City.

What restaurant is still on your list to dine in?

I have heard great things about Southern BOI Café! So that is next on the list.

What is your favorite part of League City?

I would have to say the South Shore Harbour area where our office is located. I love the view of the water!

Describe your perfect day in League City.

My perfect day would be one of those 5 days a year we get where there is ZERO humidity, 60 degrees outside, and the sun is shining. I would be sitting outside enjoying a drink with my wife… watching the Texans win!

What do you hope to see in League City in the future?

Continued advancement and strategic growth!

What do you think makes League City unique?

No matter how big this city gets, in my opinion, it always seems to have to have that “small town” feel.