happy dog profile

How old are you?

I had a birthday and turned 3 years old January 2018.

What kind of dog are you?

I’m a Belgian Malinois pronounced [Mal-in-wah] but I’ve heard some people also refer to me as a Belgian Shepherd.

How did you become a K-9 for the League City Fire Marshal’s Office?

I was born in Hungary and right away as a small puppy I had an obsession to play with a ball or plastic toy so I was selected as a prospective working canine. I got to fly to America to meet my handler (partner) and we trained together for 5 months.  He learned to speak Hungarian (my language) and I learned how to detect scents like gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lighter fluid, camp fuels and others.  I’ve heard us canines have noses with super smelling powers and detect amounts that a human can’t. At the end of the 5 months, we graduated from a canine training academy.

Tell us about your job/ what you do.

I get to play with my toy and be part of a team. My partner and I go to different places where a fire has happened. We walk through the site and I use my nose to smell different scents. If I find a scent that I’ve been trained for I let my handler know by sitting and pointing with my nose (I can’t speak human). As my reward, I get to play with my toy for a little while and it’s what I live for.  This helps the team with figuring out where and how a fire started.

Tell us about your handler.

My human partner, Robert, has been working with others like me for over 25 years so it was he was really good at helping me learn my job. I like going for walks with him in the morning and when we go out to fire scenes I get to ride in a really cool truck.

What is your favorite treat?

This really cool bouncing ball...I believe I’ve heard my partner refer to it as a “tennis ball”? When I’m lounging around I don’t mind chewing on a treat like pig ears (tastes better than it sounds) but I really live for that tennis ball thing.

Favorite part about your job?

My toy. My partner probably wants me to say working with him, and while I’d admit he’s pretty cool, I really just want my ball.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you are not on the job?

Play with my ball...I have a lot of energy and it takes a lot to make me tired. My partner usually makes me stop and then I’ll chew on a treat. 

What do you love most about League City?

They have nice parks to play with my ball.

What’s your favorite place to go to with your handler?

Anywhere he long as he has my ball.

Favorite watering hole in League City? Or favorite park? And why?

When we’re not working I’m more of a homebody. We live on 2 acres so I like chilling at home with my partner and my ball.