Debi Sullivan

Woman standing next to mannequin

What is Glass Mermaids? 

Glass Mermaids is a unique gift store that nobody else has. We try to make sure our items are not from the big box stores, and a lot of them are made by local artists.

We want it to feel like a home and not a store. So people come in and they become our friends. We serve wine, we also serve beer on tap to for the men.

How long have you been open? 

I've been in business for about 15 years. Once my boys graduated from high school, I was lonely, and everybody was gone. So, I opened up a stained glass shop, and people wanted to buy the items and the glass, which surprised me. It just grew to what we have today.

What made you want to open your business in League City? 

I like League City! The people here are super nice. There’s a big concentration of boaters in this area. We're nautical, and we offer a lot of nautical items for your home. I love boating people, they are so much fun, and League City has a lot of those.

Do you also feature artwork? 

Yes, we have a local artist that comes paint for us. We just got Ruth Burke, she's a local photographer. She has pictures of our area from the 70's. Which is awesome!

How has League City impacted your business? 

We had a lot of great reception from people here. They drive by and they're like, "What is that store?", then they come in and it's right up their alley.

How would you encourage someone to come to your store? 

It's something you will not see again. In this area, there is nothing that compares to our items. If you want a unique gift to make someone go, "Oh!", come shop at Glass Mermaids.

Do you also offer classes? 

We're really more than just a store. We like to do women's night out where they get all kinds of fun stuff to make like mosaic, wreath classes, and next year we're going to do a mermaid chalice, so that will be a lot of fun.

What is your favorite part about League City? 

The boating community. They're fun-loving people of all ages.

If you could describe League City in one word, what would it be? 


What's your favorite place to eat in League City? 

Skippers! It's Greek and, right down the street from us. They have a great breakfast and it's a family-owned restaurant. I love family-owned things and the food is phenomenal.

What do you enjoy most about League City? 

I love going downtown where the trees overlook the streets. It’s so beautiful, and people are really nice.

Glass Mermaids: 2098 Marina Bay Dr, League City, TX 77573