Rusty Bolen

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If anybody knows their way around the City of League City, it’s Rusty Bolen. This veteran employee of 28 years decided to follow his father and grandfather’s footsteps fresh out of high school by dedicating his life to preserving and maintaining our local parks. Get to know Rusty and his love for the outdoors in this week’s “I am League City.”

What do you do?

I do maintenance of all the City’s parks and assist with special events, logistics, planning etc. “Nuts and bolts, trees and turfs,” that summarizes it!

How long have you worked for the City?

I completed 28 years in October 2018. I started in 1990 at 18 years old. I was a maintenance worker on the mowing crew fresh out of high school and held every position in the department on my way up.

How did you start working here?

My father and my grandfather were parks workers for Galveston County, as well as my grandmother for 25-plus years. Many of the county parks they worked on were in League City. I saw that there was a job opening here and I was trying to follow in the footsteps of my family and their parks legacy. There’s over 80 years of parks service in my family between city and county combined. My dad actually worked for League City briefly before he retired for good.

What’s it like being a veteran of 28 years?

Everybody comes to me because I know so much history. I get calls from everybody asking questions. Half of my day is answering questions from staff and residents (laughs).

I also work with outside organizations like the garden club and the boy scouts.

Group of park workers

Favorite part about your job?

Watching the kids enjoy the facilities that we work so hard to maintain and keep safe. I appreciate good park stewards that help keep the parks clean and respect the wildlife.

Favorite park?

I would have to say the Ghirardi Family Water Smart Park because of its low-impact development and water conservation methods. Also, the tree that we worked so hard to save is there.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I enjoy fishing, scuba diving, and kayaking. I love the outdoors.

Old man catching fishYoung man catching fish

Best thing you’ve caught? 

I caught a 60-pound hammer jack about 50 miles offshore of Galveston.

You scuba dive?

I’m a dive master. I’ve been diving since 2000. I used to assist with classes. I’m a Caribbean junkie, I’ve been scuba diving in Cozumel, Roatan, and the Grand Cayman Islands. I enjoy it because there are no cellphones underwater and it makes you feel very insignificant compared to the real world. It’s just peaceful. My wife scuba dives with me, that’s how we met.

Where did you meet?

We met scuba diving offshore in the Gulf of Mexico under the oil rig platforms. I met her and helped her with her first ocean dive there. She’s been an EMT for League City EMS for 5 years now.

Fun fact about yourself?

I am a certified arborist. I am also a structural pest control board applicator.

Three words to describe yourself?

Dedicated, driven and respectful.