Barbara Roberts

iamleaguecity-barbara roberts

As part of her job as a plans reviewer for the City of League City, Barbara Roberts is known for her calm demeanor and problem-solving skills. But get her out of the office and into a pair of roller skates and Barbara can get aggressive. Learn how this single mom of three got to be known as the “Sk8te Charmer.”

What does a plans reviewer do? 

Pretty much what the job title says. I review plans for residential and commercial development in League City to ensure contractors are following all the proper steps, procedures, and adhere to the codes. Prior to getting this position, I worked as an administrative assistant in the City’s Building Department. Before that, I worked for 22 years with the City of Kemah.

What do you like about working in League City. 

I meet a lot of interesting and diverse people and time flies by because the job keeps me busy throughout the day. I also spend a lot of time problem solving, which I like.

What do you do in your spare time? 

About ten years ago, a co-worker introduced me to roller derby and I have been hooked ever since. I compete in “bouts” with the Southside Roller League at the Pasadena Convention Center every other month. The ladies I skate with and compete against are amazing. We have nurses, psychologists, teachers and school principals who are part of the league.  I have learned so much from them personally and professionally. 

What’s your skate name? 

Sk8te Charmer. People say the way I skate around the track is mesmerizing and puts them in trance.

Have you ever been hurt? 

Up until last year, I had never suffered an injury, but then during a freak accident at practice, I broke my leg. I had to have surgery and a titanium rod placed in my tibia. I couldn’t skate for eight months. 

What do your kids think about you competing in roller derby?

I am a single mom of three boys (ages 25, 19 and 10) and they love it. They keep me on my toes. When we go to the grocery store they try to hit me with the shopping carts to help prepare me for my upcoming bout. They’re friends think I am a cool mom.