Brandy Liss

woman holding up a key

What do you do and what is your background?

I’ve been a realtor for almost four years. Before that, I was the CEO at the Arms Room Gun Range and Gun Store. I have a Bachelor’s degree in public relations and marketing and a Master’s degree in healthcare administration. I was a certified compliance officer for healthcare for 10 years and a licensed nursing home administrator. I served in the army prior to that, then went reserves in military intelligence. 

How did you transition to becoming a realtor?

I sold firearms for a living. We used to own The Gunroom here in League City. It's a family-owned business, so when my dad got sick, I left healthcare and started working for the family business. Then my dad passed away and

I was looking for something different. I wanted something that would give me more time to spend with my kids. My friend was telling me I should become a realtor. If you manage your time well you'll, have the ability to create your own schedule, so, I wanted to be more available to be with my kids and give back to the community.

How many organizations are you a part of?

I'm in the League City Lions Club, the Rotary Club, and the Chamber of Commerce.

How did you get involved with the Rotary Club?

I got invited out to speak at the Rotary Club about personal protection. So, I was doing a presentation about self-protection, and then they invited me to come back to a meeting. I like what they were doing they do a lot of community involvements.  So, we do the mobile food drive here in League City. I was surprised to see how many people don't have the food or means in our own backyard. It's really nice to give back to the community. I enjoy everything that the Rotary Club is doing. They have local and global events that they work on, and I like to be a part of that.

How do you balance being involved in different organizations?

I just make time getting everything done. I’m also a mom to two kiddos, my son Cameron will be 21 this month and my daughter Kaylee is 12.

So, I wouldn't call it to balance just making time!

What drew you to League City?

Well, my dad was in the military and I'm in the military. I graduated from college in Kentucky.  So, we came to Texas because we thought it would be more opportunity versus Kentucky.  We got here and did not want to move to the big city. We wanted to be close enough to the city, but far away from the city and League City was the perfect location. You can go 20 minutes south and be on the island, or go 20  minutes north and you're in the third largest city in the U.S. It's kind of cool to have the best of both worlds. League City has that small town feel but still has that big city feel, as well. 

Describe your perfect day in League City:

My perfect day in League City is shopping and dining.

What is your favorite event that happens in League City?

Holiday in the Park! I love what League City does for all our holidays and how they decorate the city. Getting the kids out of the house to have a good time is awesome. All of the events, vendors, and food, I love everything about it. It puts me in the Christmas spirit.

What is your favorite place to eat in League City?

Hands down, Main Street Bistro — it's so delicious.

Where is your favorite place to go in League City?

I love the Historic District with all the little shops there and the trees. It's just nice.

What is one word that describes League City?