Dauné Ortiz

woman poses in boutique

Tell us about The Salted Hippie Boutique and its background.

Originally, my sister-in-law and I were making salt scrubs and salt soaks and selling them out of our Etsy shop online. After six months we realized everyone was making salt scrubs and salt soaks and selling them on Etsy. Therefore, we took the six hundred dollars we had made and we invested it in a tent to do festivals and purchased a couple pieces of clothing and that is how we started The Salted Hippie Boutique. Our tag line used to be “Peace, Love and Salt” versus what it is now, “Peace, Love and Style”. We loved our logo and name so much and everyone thought it was so catchy; therefore, we did not want to change it too much.

Why did you open your business in League City?

I live in League City, so it was only natural. I absolutely love the historic district. The oaks drew me here. I waited a long time for a location to pop up. I would drive up and down the street almost every day until this location was available and I snagged it as soon as the sign was put up.

Why did you name your boutique The Salted Hippie?

I feel like I have a hippy soul. I am not salty by no means. Everyone always asks if I am an angry person and I am not salty or angry at all. It has more than anything to do with the salt scrubs we used to make. I love the name, the color, and the logo so much that I only changed the tagline.

Where is your favorite place to eat?

Main Street Bistro.

What is an important aspect of The Salted Hippie Boutique?

We are for every woman, every shape, and every size, in my opinion. We are inclusive to everyone. My favorite thing is socializing with women who come into The Salted Hippie Boutique, which is why I added the bar stools and the couch. Women are welcome to come sit down and chat with me or vent about what might be going on. They may bring their lunch in or have a glass of water, coke or wine if they want and we can chit-chat.

What makes League City unique?

I like the small town/big town feel.

Describe League City in one word.

AMAZING. I have lived in five other states alone, and many different cities, and this is by far my favorite place.