Kendra Epperson

blonde woman posing with clothes in her boutique

What is the backstory behind The Brave Boutique?

I was a dental hygienist for 15 years. I loved my job, but we were empty nesters. I knew it was time to find something else that interested me. I love fashion, so I checked out how I could be involved with doing something with fashion. I saw a lot of people doing things on Facebook, did some research and started off small. I had no idea that it would grow into opening two shops. The main mission was for me to find something to glorify God. That was my goal! I didn't know how to do it even being a dental hygienist. I wanted it to be the hands and feet of God, so that was my mission in opening the boutique. We donate a portion of our sales to non-profit organizations. So, it's just a fun business.

Why did you choose League City?

Well, I have only been here for six years. My husband and I wanted to search for the best place to call our forever home, and we landed in League City. We love it and do not want to be in any other place.

What makes your business unique?

Our customer service is so important to us. You cannot judge a book by its cover, and I just want to exhibit kindness. I feel like that is what makes us a little bit unique. We make sure we have things that the customers want, and for them to feel special. We want to make it a pleasant place for them to come back to.

How would you describe League City?

The best place to live! I love League City we have so much around us. It's so easy to get anywhere. We have so much in the city and the city is growing. We have wonderful churches, restaurants, and a great community. It's just a great place to live.

What's one restaurant that is on your list to dine in?

That is extremely hard because I feel like I have been to every restaurant in League City. I'm very excited about the new Red River Mexican restaurant. So, I would say that.

What's your favorite restaurant(s) in League City?

It's really hard to choose, so I'm going to pick two. I love Mr. Sombrero and Craft 96.

You have some unique pieces in your store, did you want to be different?

Yes, it's not a competition with other boutiques. I love having other boutiques around. That's what we need to grow in this community, more homegrown places. What I try to do to make it unique is to be unique. My goal is to be different in some way, but meet the needs of the customers.

How did you come up with the name "Brave Boutique”?

I get asked that question a lot. Ha! The way I came up with that name is being in a career for so long I was completely changing my career at an older age. I just thought this was me being brave, this was me stepping out trusting in where God lead me. It took a lot of bravery to do that. At the bottom of the name, it says, "you made me." God made me brave and made me step out and do something different.

What are your favorite events in League City?

I love the parades, they're so fun. The entire community seems to come out for them. I'm always watching for when another is coming out. That is one of my favorite things to go to. It's a small town feel.