Kylie and Pete Ilieski

A fit couple posing in a cycling studio

How long have you lived in League City?

We found League City driving around ten and a half years ago. We moved from Michigan and we could live anywhere in Houston, but when we visited League City, everyone was super friendly and it was near a boating community. We have now lived here for 10 years. 

Why did you and your husband decide to open Rush Cycle in League City?

We were driving in downtown Houston and trying out different indoor cycling classes and we thought this is what is missing into our community. We wanted to bring the feeling of “boutique fitness” into League City because people here are very active, love the whole community vibe, and they want something besides normal gym classes or fitness studio classes. We thought it was the perfect fit. 

Is this the first Rush Cycle opened outside of San Diego?

When we decided to open our own cycling boutique here in League City, we started searching and found Rush Cycle through Google. I wanted a model that really focused on instructors because instructors make or break an indoor cycling studio. If you have the best trained instructors plus a friendly staff, then you will have a successful indoor cycling studio. When I found Rush Cycle, this was what they pushed. Their model fit mine and focused on the suburbs where community and knowing your neighbors is very important as is having a healthy lifestyle together. 

How many other Rush Cycle studios are open now?

There are now twelve Rush Cycle studios in the greater Houston Area. The closest one just opened in the Woodlands and there is another one opening up soon in Sugarland. All of the studio owners who have opened Rush Cycle locations in the greater Houston area have all been members at our location or came to a class here and loved it so much they wanted to open up a Rush Cycle of their own. 

Are the two of you going to open up another Rush Cycle?

Yes, we are looking at Friendswood, which is close, but not too close to our League City location. Rush Cycle is all about neighbors and people that come together like family, so we want that same feeling and atmosphere in Friendswood. 

Describe League City in three words:

Supportive. Positive. Close. 

What do you do in your free time?

We do not have any. We have two boys and both of us have full-time jobs on top of running League City Rush Cycle. I manage a national oil and gas sales team for Siemens, and Pete works in medical sales. We have a great staff at Rush Cycle that allows us to do everything that we do.

Where is your favorite place to eat in League City?

Craft 96.

What is your favorite part of League City?

We love that you feel at home wherever you are. You could be in the grocery store and people will be so friendly with you. Everyone is so willing to help one another, which is not what we experienced living in the Midwest. I love that people want to support one another. Even other businesses want you to succeed because they see League City as a community that must grow together. It is not about competing against one another, it is about helping build each other up. That is what makes League City different. Your neighbors, your community, your business partners want each other to succeed and be there for one another. 

Are there any events ever held at Rush Cycle League City?

Yes, we do different charity events throughout the year. We host an annual school supply drive that raises money for elementary and middle schools in our area that are in need. We give free rides to whoever brings in school supplies. We did a ride for local teacher diagnosed with breast cancer and held a ride where all of the proceeds went straight to her. We have also been a part of Moms on a Mission which raised money to help local Hurricane Harvey victims buy appliances after the storm. We do a couple of events like this a year on top of our regular Rush Socials which help to create a support system for our members and bring them together outside of the studio to grab a coffee or do something else. We also invite our Rush team members and the community to be a part of Rush volunteering in different parts of League City.