Dee Scott

blonde lady posing in a restaurant

Where are you from?

I grew up on a farm in Arkansas.

How long have you been a League City resident? 

I’ve been a League City resident since 1958.

What brought you to League City? 

I married a little, short Texan. My husband told me he had a ranch in Texas, but he actually had only one cow. He went to Arkansas A&M, which was next to my high school, and that’s how we met. We got married in 1956.

I moved with my husband to Alvin. We then lived in La Porte, Deer Park and finally settled in League City in 1958.   

League City back then was like the wild west. It wasn’t even incorporated and was still under Galveston County.

The City was very pleasant, and everyone knew everyone else. It was a very small town with shelled roads – that is oyster shelled roads. People had chickens and goats in their backyards because there were no rules and regulations at the time, as it was still unincorporated. We had a constable, but we mainly had to rely on each other. We had a nice, calm life. I felt it was like a little family. You took care of your neighbor, and your neighbor took care of you.   

What main changes have you seen occur in League City in the last 60 years? 

I’ve seen a huge diversity in the people who live here. Of course, now we have more traffic than before. We had only one main grocery store at the time and one restaurant, which was called Dorothy’s Country Kitchen. Back then, we used to go to Houston or Galveston to shop, but now we have more choices, so we don’t even need to travel outside of League City to get our shopping done or see a doctor. We have more amenities now. I remember everything back then was a chore. I like progress and how League City has changed for the better.

League City was a kind town where people really cared about each other. I think League City is still kind but we don’t recognize it as much because of the growth.

We also now have a good government. The citizens have kept our government good. When citizens stay involved in their government and schools, good things happen. We can vote elected officials out of office if they are not doing what we ask them to.  

I appreciate the government now. We worked ourselves into a quality City through a community that tells the government what it wants. Without that community involvement, we wouldn’t have a good government. I encourage everyone to stay involved in their government and hold it accountable.

What type of volunteering have you done? Did you recently receive a volunteer award? What reward do you personally receive from volunteering? 

I started volunteering with the PTA when my kids were in school. I then volunteered with scouts and youth sports. As my children grew up, my interest in volunteering shifted over to the civic side. I started volunteering on the Parks Board, Economic Board and with a number of other programs.

Now, I’m heavily involved in the League City Rotary Club. I have been a member for a long time. In fact, I was the first female member of that club, so you know it has been awhile. Some of the problems Rotarians like to solve are illiteracy, diseases and poverty. I volunteer by reading to kids at schools. I also went to Africa when we shipped a load of books there to help promote literacy in Africa. We helped locals catalogue the books, too.

We also work in conjunction with Christus Health to administer flu shots to low income families at CCISD schools.

Last year, I received a CCISD Community Involvement Award. I was also awarded the Rotary International Service Award twice and the Paul Harris Award.  

By volunteering, I desire that my contribution creates a better life for others. I want them to have the good life I enjoyed.

What do you like most about League City? 

I like that in League City people make an effort to help each other.

What is your favorite restaurant in League City? 

I have so many favorites, but my two favorite restaurants are Esteban’s and Red River BBQ.

What is your current occupation?

I am currently retired. I owned my insurance agency for about 30 years. I enjoyed owning my own business, because I liked being in control of my own destiny. I had some of the best clients in the world, but I made sure I gave them good customer service. It’s all about customer service.

If you want to own your own business and have an idea that can earn you money, write up a business plan and go for it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I encourage you to take control. By owning my own business, I had the freedom to volunteer in my community and spend time with my family.   

What is your favorite place to visit in League City? 

League Park. I just like watching the kids play and sitting in the shade. I’m looking forward to the park revitalization project.

What is your motto? 

Evil shows up when good people stay silent. Martin Luther King said that, and it remains my motto till this day.