Susie Blake

woman posing with a jacket

It may be safe to say that nobody loves the water as much as Wastewater Superintendent Susie Blake. The experienced chemist works hard to make sure our drinking water is always squeaky clean and enjoys spending her off time making waves on her jet ski.

As a Wastewater Superintendent, what do you do?

My job is to oversee two wastewater treatment plants and 74 lift stations. I started with the City in May of 2003 as a pretreatment coordinator laboratory supervisor. I obtained my wastewater A license and my B water license during that time and wanted to learn more, so I decided to get to go back to school while working for the City. In 2017, I got my master’s in environmental science with chemistry from the University of Houston Clear Lake and then I had the opportunity to become a wastewater superintendent.

What do you like about your job?

Wastewater is very interesting and has a lot of variables. I’ve always been fascinated with the environment, so having to take wastewater and make it clean, drinking water is very fascinating. The majority of people just know they flush a toilet and the water goes away, but they don’t know the process it goes through to make it clean, so we like educating residents about what we do and how everything works. Once they know all the details, they want to become involved and play an active role in preserving our water and that’s very cool.

What is your background?

I am originally from the city of Alamo in South Texas. I moved to College Station when I went to study chemistry at Texas A&M and after graduating, I started working in industrial facilities as a chemist.

Family life:

I have five brothers and a son, Michael, who’s a police officer in Nassau Bay. He’s my traveling partner. Our next trip together will be to Lake Tahoe in August.

Fun fact about yourself?

I’m a part-time adjunct instructor for the Texas A&M Engineering Extension service. I teach lab classes for people needing renewal hours for their water and wastewater certifications. I really enjoy it.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I love to jet ski on Clear Lake; boat, paddleboat, fish, basically anything in the water. I love the water, that’s why I have to make sure it’s safe for us! (laughs)

I also love to ride my motorcycle and to travel. I just got back from Ireland and Scotland. I’ve been to Turkey, Greece, Italy, Germany, and Mexico.

What are three words to describe yourself?

Loyal, trustworthy and detailed.