Danny Douglass

man holding a guitar

How did Danny D’s Guitar get started?  

I bought Mr. T’s Pickin’ Parlor in 1987 after working there for three years and changed it to Danny D’s Guitars.

When did you start playing music?  

I have been playing music since I was a young teenager, my mom taught piano lessons out of our home and that got me started. One of my first gigs when I moved to Texas was actually in Clear Lake shores when I was 21 years old.

What sets you apart from other guitar stores?  

We are a mom and pop shop with a really great inventory and people come from all over for our repair services.  We truly curate a nice selection of unique and vintage guitars and when you purchase a guitar from us it will be thoroughly checked over and ready to play.  We have expert instructors who have been with us for many years so students can rest assured they will get great lessons from consistent teachers.

Which brands do you carry?   

We are a Fender Premier Shop, an authorized service center for Martin and Taylor guitars and we are the only certified Mesa Boogie amplifier dealer in the Houston area.  We also carry a wide range of brands such as Fender, Gretsch, PRS, and McPherson.

Family life? 

I have been married to Lynn for 34 Years and we have two kids, five grandkids, two great-grandkids, two horses, three cats, and a dog.

What do you like most about League City: 

The people are just so friendly here.  I first moved here in 1976 and I was working on a trailer right on this very block.  I remember when I came through the intersection and looked around it seemed like I had been there before and it just feels like home.  I have lived within ten miles of this location since then.  League City still has that small-town feel despite recent growth. 

Favorite Restaurant in League City? 

I don’t think I could say just one! Shout out to El Centinela a couple doors down, Red River Barbeque, Burger House, and Esteban’s. They are all really close to the guitar shop and I have eaten at all of those places many, many times.