Richard Kidder

old man posing with pickleball paddle

What do you do?

I am a member of Space Center Rotary Club, treasurer of Friends of Freeman Library and play pickleball.

What is your background?

I am a graduate of New York State Maritime College and worked for General Electric co for 40 years in Power Generation business. When I retired from GE, I worked for Air Liquide America as General Manager of Bayou Cogeneration Plant in Pasadena, Texas.

Are you originally from League City?

No, I was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts and moved to Texas in 1984. 

How long have you been playing pickleball and how did you start?

I started playing Pickleball in 2006 at the local YMCA when the game was just starting to be known. lt has grown a lot since then and is now the fastest-growing sport in the country.

What do you love about pickleball?

It is a great game similar to tennis and all ages can play on outdoor or indoor courts. The game is inexpensive and fun to play. Lessons are given by local people to assist in learning the game. Both men and woman play and it is now getting popular in high schools. 

You have many medals, what are some of your achievements in pickleball?

I started going to tournaments about a year after starting to play and am still competing. I have gone to and won medals at the 2Ot5,2OL7 and 2019 National Senior games. To qualify you must come in 1st, 2nd or 3rd in your state senior games. The latest senior games in Albuquerque we had over 1000 pickleball players from 48 states, DC, and two Canadian provinces. ln Albuquerque I won a gold and silver medal. 

What do you hope for the future of pickleball?

I hope that it grows for younger people in high schools and colleges and that someday it will become an Olympic sport

Any other hobbies?

I still enjoy tennis and golf. I am also involved in St Thomas Episcopal Church and play softball.

Fun fact about yourself:

My wife Faye and I have been happily married for 62 years. We have 13 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren.

What do you like about League City?

It is a fast-growing city with lots of potential for growth. I particularly enjoy the facility at Hometown Heroes Park. The facility and people are a credit to League City. 

Favorite thing to do in League City?

Play pickleball at Hometown Heroes Park. 

Favorite park in League City? 

Hometown Heroes Park

Favorite local restaurant?