Liza Martinez

female paramedic posing

Since she was a little girl, Liza Martinez was always fascinated with watching medical shows and dreamed of one day becoming a paramedic. Now, she gets to live her childhood dream by responding to emergencies and saving lives every day.

What do you do?

As a paramedic, I respond to medical emergencies.

When did you start working for League City?

Three years ago, I started working for the City part-time and last year I became a full-time employee.  I met almost everybody from the City’s EMS Department when I was going through school at San Jacinto College, so I applied after graduating and I got the job.

How did you decide to become a paramedic?

Ever since I was little, I really liked the medical field. I would watch documentaries, medical shows and surgeries, and it was always very interesting to me. I also wanted to help people and didn’t want a typical office job. Before becoming a paramedic, I worked at a doctor’s office.

Favorite part about your job?

I love helping people and making them feel better. I like that you never know what you’re going to do. No two days are ever the same.

What is it like working with the rest of your team?

I have a great team, I enjoy working with them very much. They make tough situations easier at times. We recently responded to a call about a one-year-old who was drowning.

We had EMS fire department and PD we were all involved and we all did our part. It was amazing teamwork and we were able to save him.

Tell us about recently receiving your American citizenship:

I got my citizenship on July 24. I was a permanent resident for 10 years and the process to become an American citizen took about a year. I’m originally from Monterrey, Mexico and I came to the United States when I was 13 years-old with my mom. I felt very proud during the ceremony, my parents and grandparents wanted me to do it for a while and I mainly did it for them.

Hobbies outside of work?

I like to work out an spend time with my kids. I have a ten-year-old, Maddy, and a three-year-old, Anthony. I also like hanging out with my coworkers.

Fun fact about yourself?

I get to work and share my experiences with my best friend whom I’ve known since high school.

Three words to describe yourself: 

Reliable; selfless; strong.