Mary and Jim Schneider

an old couple posing

What do you guys do?

Jim: I’ve been the food pantry manager for Interfaith Caring Ministries in League City since February 2019. Before taking the job, I volunteered here for three years after retiring. They recently asked me to step up and run the food pantry.

Mary: I volunteer in the afternoon as a receptionist by answering calls, making appointments and doing initial screenings for people who come in seeking assistance.

What does Interfaith Caring Ministries do?

Interfaith Caring Ministries is a non-profit agency that assists those in need who live in the Texas Bay Area. We offer a wide range of services, including our Food Pantry, Resale Shop Voucher Initiative, and Rent & Utility Assistance Program.

Why do you choose to volunteer and work for Interfaith Caring Ministries?

Mary: I think that through our Christian faith, we’re taught that we should serve one another and this is a great way to serve individuals in our community. It was a natural transition for us.

Jim: I get a lot out of helping people. Growing up, my dad used to help our local food pantry in St. Louis so he was a great example for me.

How did you guys get involved with Interfaith Caring Ministries?

Jim: I first got started through our church. Interfaith Caring Ministries is supported by many churches including ours, and I got involved when they moved to League City. We helped put up shelves in the pantry as weekend volunteering, then I started serving on the board. After volunteering for three years, the position opened and they asked me to be the food pantry manager.

Mary: When I retired as a registered nurse, I wanted to do something to help and stay involved.  At the time, they needed someone to be the receptionist and I thought I’d be a good fit.

Why do you think it’s important to volunteer or help a nonprofit organization?

Mary: It’s a great way to give back to your community. I think it’s important to love one another and we try to help everyone when we can.

Jim: It’s a great way to keep busy and help people. We try to help a lot of people that are in between jobs or in crisis situations.

How long have you two lived in League City?

Mary: I’m from Dubois, Iowa, but I have lived in Texas since 1983. I moved to League City when I married Jim four years ago

Jim: I’ve lived here since 1973. I’m originally from St. Louis and my dad used to work in NASA when I was in high school.

What do you like about living in League City?

Mary: I like that it has a small community feel but you’re close to the big city or anything you want. It’s beautiful and quaint and friendly.

Jim: It has a perfect location.

Favorite event in League City?

Mary: We like Citizen Appreciation Day, and we like senior activities at Hometown Heroes Parks like ceramic day.

Jim: The Farmers' Market

Favorite restaurant?

Mary: Esteban’s

Jim: Chick-fil-a


We enjoy square dancing every Saturday.