Grace LaCombe

Ballet dancer Grace LaCombe making a pose

How long have you been dancing?

Off and on since I was 3, so about 15 years or so.

What do you like about dancing?

Part of what I love about dancing is that I really get to express myself. For me, dance is a way to be seen. There were times in my life when I felt like maybe I wasn’t understood. But on stage, I could express myself and my emotions at a time when I didn’t have another way to express how I was feeling.

How many years have you danced in The Nutcracker?

This is going to be my 3rd year in The Nutcracker. Dancing in The Nutcracker is really magical to me. It’s such a special ballet, and it feels really special and exciting every time I get to go on stage.

Which characters have you performed in The Nutcracker, and do you have a favorite?

I’ve danced the Snowflake, and I’ve also done Regiment (which is the soldiers in the fight scene with the Nutcracker and the Rat King), and the Chinese and Russian dances. My favorite is the Snowflake.

You participate in Breakfast with the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Slumber Party with Clara hosted by Bay Area Houston Ballet and Theatre. What do you like about these events?

Last year, I got to dress up as the Arabian dancer at the slumber party. I love seeing all the little kids, and how they get really excited seeing the different dancers in costume. It’s so magical for them. Clara’s mom reads them a story about The Nutcracker, and it’s really fun to see the kids’ reactions to the characters. It just reminds me of why I’m a dancer, and why I love The Nutcracker so much. It’s great to meet so many different young children in the community who are excited to see The Nutcracker, and especially to meet the young dancers who are excited to talk about dance. I like to encourage them to pursue dancing, and to give it their all and not get discouraged if they aren’t the best at it right away. I remember being a little girl and looking up to the older dancers in their pointe shoes. I like to encourage the younger generation of dancers and to be a good role model for them.

What are you studying in school?

I’m a sophomore at San Jacinto Community College, and right now I’m studying psychology. I really want to be a therapist who works with children and teens.

What are your dreams for the future?

I want to be a therapist, and I want to be a dance teacher as well. Maybe teach or volunteer at a dance studio. I’m really passionate about working with children who have learning disabilities. I think dancing can be a really positive experience for them. My brother has a learning disability, and I’ve seen how dance has positively impacted him.

Did you grow up in League City, and what do you like about living here?

I was born in Houston, and moved to League City when I was two. I really like Historic League City. I love all the big oak trees. I love League Park—with the gazebo—and I love the different stores around there. I love seeing all the different small business. I work at Natural Living, which is a health food store and café in Historic League City, and I really enjoy working there.

Favorite place to eat in League City?

I really like Kelley’s Country Cookin’. I have some food allergies, and they’ve always been very accommodating. We go there a lot because it’s one of the few places where we don’t have to worry about food allergies.

What are your favorite places to hang out in League City?

I enjoy going to League Park with friends. I also spent a lot of time at Helen Hall Library growing up. They have a great selection of books in their teen and children’s section. The librarian would host little events for kids, like Webkinz parties (they were really popular toys when I was younger). I also like to go to local thrift stores, like Goodwill and RCC Resale (near Jumping World) for clothes. I sew in my spare time, so I like getting clothes and altering them to fit my style, and I like knowing that my money is going to a charity.