Karl Wankowicz

a middle aged man posing with his cat

You were the Director of the League City Harvey Kroger Relief Center, tell us about that experience.

Kroger offered us the facility, so we started out with just an empty building. We organized the entire thing, got tables, chairs, donation bins, food, bottled water, etc. and we were able to help thousands of people every day. We had hundreds of volunteers that were willing to give their time, like the Clear Falls football team that graciously came to pass out supplies to people in need. We made life a little bit easier for people and the experience of this changed me tremendously. 

What inspired you to get involved with the relief center?

The part of League City that I live in did not have much flooding.  We were very lucky in that regard so when I saw people that I knew suffering, I just wanted to help. I was given complete control on how to organize and run the center which was a huge honor and great responsibility.

What was your biggest takeaway from the experience?

Getting to talk to people at the center and hear their stories was very transformative for me. Seeing so many volunteers show up every day to help people that they didn’t even know sort of shifted my perspective on life and made me a better person. Even though the entire thing was enlightening for me personally, it’s hard to really celebrate because it was brought about by people’s pain.

Are you involved in any other community projects?

I am on the League City Animal Shelter board and have been doing that for about four years. I wanted to do something that was close to my heart and felt valuable to me as a person. We have a brand new shelter that will be opening soon and that has been our focus. We encourage everyone to stop by and say hello in the new year. We are having a ribbon-cutting and grand opening celebration in February.

What’s next?

I am always looking for something new to get involved in. I get my activism from my mom and my stubbornness from my dad,  so I’m a good man for the job, whatever it may be.

Describe League City in one word:


Advice for anyone that is visiting League City?

Drive slowly. League City has so many fun and quirky spots to see. Slow down and see all of what League City has to offer.

Favorite restaurant in League City?

Black Bear Diner.

Words of encouragement for League City residents?

Vote, volunteer, and get involved!

Favorite League City tradition?

Holiday in the Park is a really cool event!