James and Kristine Gregory

a couple posing with their dog at a warehouse

How does your story with LL Auctions begin?

James: My story began a long time ago. Back in elementary school, I would see things bought and sold at the book fairs and it intrigued me. One day, I bought some five-packs of items at the dollar store which I would then sell to friends at school. As time went on, I progressed to selling cars, motorcycles, and boats in high school. A family friend told me they had an interesting business opportunity that was perfect for me and my wife and I purchased the business.

Tell me about LL Auctions:

We are a 100% online auction that offers many services. We do estate liquidations, local picker consignments, business sellouts, and much more! 

Tell us a little about your family life: 

James: We are family-owned and operated but we are also proud to employ two veterans. My wife, Kristine and I purchased the business about three years ago. My mother, Sylvia has been retired from the dental industry and loves helping out here and we love having her. We love our mischievous golden-doodle named Haddy. 

What do you love about League City?

We both attended Clear Creek high school. We love the area and the residents!

Favorite part about operating in League City?

The location! We love that our business is conveniently located near I-45 between Galveston and Houston. Galveston has loads of antiques and Houston has plenty of older estates that frequently enlist our pickup services. We have thousands of clients all over the Houston area and the location is perfect for that.

Favorite place to eat in League City? 

Opus Bistro.

Tell us about the Be the Change Global Outreach nonprofit:

Kristine: About five years ago, I started a nonprofit called Be the Change Global Outreach, which operates in the Philippines and Myanmar. We provide 100% free medication, screening and dental care for those in need. We have been alternating serving these locations each year, and since then have opened a continuing care facility in the Philippines which operates year-round. We have volunteers who fly in and spend however long they want to serve with housing and food provided.

What is it like to provide care for those in need?

They don’t have the means to buy the things we provide or even to get to a doctor. It is such a rewarding and life-changing thing to serve these people. It’s an emotional experience to witness someone put on a pair of glasses for the first time and be able to see clearly and immediately start crying. When a woman comes up and thanks us for providing care to her sick baby we are reminded why we love to give back.

Anything you would like to add?

If you want to get involved with Be the Change Global Outreach, please visit our website at http://www.BetheChangeGO.com and check out our Facebook page. There you can donate, volunteer, or even sign up to join us on an upcoming mission trip.