A.J. Olson

a man posing at the docks

How long have you lived in League City? 

Pretty much my whole life. I am 32 years old and I graduated from Clear View High School. I moved away for a little while, but I quickly came back because I missed the people of League City and the familiarity of where I grew up. I now own and operate my own business in League City.

Tell us more about your business:

I founded Hippie Fertilizing, which is an organic lawn care provider. Using organics, I focus on soil biology to bring out the best in my customer’s lawns using safe, child-friendly, and pet-friendly strategies. 

How did you get started in that business?

I love nature and working outside, so I started doing lawn maintenance and tree service in my early 20’s. Many of my customers would ask me to also take care of their fertilizing needs, so I eventually started doing that as well. However, I started getting sick and developing skin issues from all the chemicals and it really made me start to question the safety of all the products I was using. So, I started exploring organic products and searching for other options. After years of research, and lots of trial and error, I have been able to figure out not only what works best for the type of soil in our area, but I use products that are safe for people and pets. 

What is the biggest change you have seen in League City over the years?

The growth is unbelievable. I used to be able to drive from one end of League City to the other and all I would see is cow pastures. Now I drive by and it’s one subdivision after another, which is good for my business!

Why the name Hippie Fertilizing?

A lot of people that are into organic products are often referred to as being “hippie” and often are stereotyped as having long hair. I, however, usually have my hair short, or even buzzed off. A few years ago, one of my customers told me that I was “a hippie with a haircut” and I decided to name my business that. Unfortunately, most people thought I was in the hair care industry, so I ended up changing it to Hippie Fertilizing.

Has your always loved nature and being outdoors?

Yes. I used to volunteer at the nature center with my grandmother when I was a kid and took part in the Clear Creek Cleanup every year.  My dad also spent a lot of time working outside to make our home’s yard look beautiful, so I really got an appreciation for that. Now that I am older, I am really into soil biology and making sure Clear Creek is preserved and taken care of.   

Why do you volunteer at the annual Clear Creek Cleanup?

I knew the founders who created this event and I took part in it as a teenager. Now, as a League City resident, small business owner, and frequent user of Clear Creek, I see the value of keeping it clean for everyone to enjoy.

What is your favorite thing to do on Clear Creek?

It’s hard to pick one. I enjoy fishing, bird watching, and kayaking along the creek.

Favorite restaurant?

The Café at the Natural Living Co-op. They make vegan taste great. Plus, I am known to frequent Craft 96.

Favorite place in League City?

Lynn Gripon Park and the Helen Hall Library. I created my company’s website on the computers at the library.

Words to describe League City:

It’s growing.

Words to live by?

All it takes to make a big change is a lot of small steps.