Melissa Loe and Sandra Kelly

two women posing in a boutique

What is Strawberry Hill Unique Upcycling Boutique?

We take antique and vintage home decor and furniture and give it a new life. We do lots of custom work and pretty much anything you can find on Pinterest and HGTV. We also plan shop trips, DIY Workshops, and even do work with many nonprofits in the area.

How did Strawberry Hill get started?

We are mother-daughter owned, and we started six years ago as vendors. We started off at a very small location originally, and three years after that we moved to our current location where we have been since.

Why did you decide to open your business in League City?

There wasn’t a choice, League City is our home and our hearts, and we couldn’t even think about going anywhere else. It’s a growing, booming town but it still manages to keep that small-town feeling. Anytime you go to any of the events, like the Fourth of July Citizens Appreciation Day, you get this overwhelming hometown feeling and you just know you’re a part of something wonderful.

What makes your store unique?

We always like to say that Strawberry Hill is more than a boutique. It’s an atmosphere and the store has a personality. We are so passionate about the city and our passion for the city has seeped through the walls of the store. Coming here isn’t just about shopping, it’s about helping people and building a relationship with our community. Our store has more to offer than a big department store because most of our items are one of a kind, and our customers feel a sense of pride when they take home something that we made. We are grateful to have such a wonderful and loyal customer base.

Favorite restaurant in League City?

It has to be Esteban’s. It’s our go-to after every single event that we do.

Favorite event in League City?

The grand opening of the dog park.

Favorite park in League City?

Either the dog park or League Park.

What three words would you use to describe League City?

Charming, friendly, promising.

Favorite thing to do in League City?

Definitely going to the dog park and volunteering in the community.