Robin Langseth

A woman posing with a hand axe

Explain what axe throwing is, and what visitors can expect when they show up

Axe throwing is like darts on steroids. We teach our customers how to throw various weights and sizes of axes at a target. We then teach them games to play that encourage a competitive spirit. When customers arrive, they can expect a warm inviting space where they can enjoy time with family or friends throwing axes.

What inspired you to open an axe throwing business?

We wanted to bring a fun, safe sport to a place where there are limited activities for older youth or adults to do in an entertainment environment.

 Why did you decide to open your business in League City?

We felt the environment was what we were looking for, and we liked the small business encouragement that League City provides.

 Are all the axes the same size and weight? 

Absolutely not. We have axes (also called hatchets) that are anywhere from a little over a pound up to six pounds.

Can people of all skills and abilities participate? 

Yes! We have people of all ages—10 and up are welcome to come throw. We also teach people with disabilities. We have accommodations for the wheelchair-bound, for those on the autism spectrum, and for those with various other impairments.

Is axe throwing dangerous? What precautions do you take to keep your customers safe?

Axe throwing is no more dangerous than playing baseball or golf. We have coaches who train our customers on how to properly throw, and we constantly monitor progress and correct any unsafe behavior.

What do you enjoy about axe throwing, and about owning this business?

I enjoy teaching others about a sport I love, and owning the business provides the opportunity for people to reconnect with their family and friends. It gets people playing again. This is a sport you need to be involved in, you’re not going to be on your phone, and I think that’s something many people enjoy a break from.

Tell us about some of the special events you host:

We host birthday parties for both youth and adults, gender reveal parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, holiday parties, corporate events, and team-building events.

What is an axe throwing league, and how can someone get involved?

We are sanctioned with the World Axe Throwing League (WATL), and we host league play four times a year, each lasting eight weeks. The best part about our leagues is you have a chance to win a spot in WATL’s World Championship that is held every year.

 What do you enjoy most about League City?

I love how League City has a small-town feel close to the big city, where locals rally around small business, and we definitely step in and take care of one another.

Favorite place to eat in League City?

I would have to say Ocean Sushi or Pomodoro’s. We frequent both!

How would you describe League City?

I would have to say League City is a melting pot of big city lights with small-town charm.