Reporting Abuse

Police officer making a police report while speaking to a woman crime victim.

Advocacy Center for Children of Galveston County

The Advocacy Center for Children of Galveston County, a comprehensive collaborative approach to providing support to the child victim, was initiated in 1993. This non-residential facility provides services to the child victim and their non-offending family members. The child and their non-offending family members can receive crisis counseling on site while the Center acts as the family’s conduit to other services in the community and information about the case. The goal is for the case to reach an optimal conclusion for the child and family.


Carmen Crabtree,Director
5710 Avenue S 1/2
Galveston TX 77551
Advocacy Center for Children Website

Children’s Protective Services (CPS)

Child Protective Services (CPS) becomes involved with children and families when they are referred by the DFPS Investigations division, which investigates allegations of child abuse and neglect.


Sandra Haire, Director
123 Rosenberg, Suite 500
Galveston TX 77550
Children’s Protective Services Website

Texas Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services (APS) investigates abuse, neglect, and exploitation of adults who are elderly or have disabilities and who live in the community. Any adult who has a disability or who is age 65 or older that is in a state of abuse, neglect, or exploitation may be eligible to receive adult protective services.    

Victims of abuse, neglect, or exploitation may get short-term help with shelter, home repairs, food, transportation, managing money, medical care, home healthcare services, and mental health services.


1-800-252-5400 Hotline
Texas Adult Protect Services Website

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