Piper & Aisley Slavin

Piper and Aisley Slavin

#LCLocal Residents & Motocross Racers

When Layne Slavin’s daughter, Aisley, asked for a motorcycle for Christmas last year, he was a little surprised, but he knew the 10-year-old had been spending a lot of time watching motocross videos on YouTube.

“Seeing the boys do it just made me want to do it more,” said Aisley. “I’m a pretty competitive person.”

Less than a year later, Aisley is not only battling the boys on the racetrack, she’s beating them. And she’s not alone. Thirteen-year-old sister Piper has joined the extreme sport, and this year the two ladies placed in the regional American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) motocross championships. It’s a pretty amazing accomplishment since the two have only been competing since August.

“As soon as Aisley got on the bike it was obvious she had a real aptitude and ability,” said Layne. “By January we had to get her a new bike to support her skills, and by March we got Piper one because she saw how much fun her younger sister was having.”

When COVID hit earlier this year, the family started the girls with a professional coach to ensure that the fun factor also included safety.

“This sport teaches things that no other sport does,” said mom, Cameron. “The bikes weigh anywhere from 120 to 175 pounds and when they go down, the girls have to pick them up and get them restarted. It’s no small feat, and we can’t help them at all.”

In addition to building character and grit, the sport has taught the girls the value of determination and that they can do anything they set their minds to.

“It’s awesome that the boys see that we can do what they do and sometimes even better,” says Piper, who also participates in competitive soccer. “It’s cool to get a fist bump from them after winning a race.”