Stroke Clinic

Stroke clinic is a program for youth and teens. The goal of stroke clinic is to help swimmers improve stroke technique and teach drills that will enable the continued refinement of strokes. It will also introduce your child to how swim teams work and will be a great opportunity for swimmers to get some mileage in the water before summer league or their competitive season! Stroke Clinic Flyer (PDF)

Age: 6-17 yrs

Registration Dates:
Residents: February 3rd
Non-residents: February 17th

Sessions: Monday/Wednesday, 5 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.
- March 29th- April 21st
- April 26th – May 19th            

- Resident: $75
- Non-residents: $112.50

Swim Groups:
- Group 1 Junior/Beginner
- Group 2 Intermediate/Advanced

Swimming requirements: 
- Group 1: must be able to swim 50 yards continuously; must have basic knowledge on competitive swim strokes
- Group 2: must be able to swim continuously for 5 minutes; must be able to demonstrate basics of each of the 4 competitive strokes; must be able to demonstrate basics of flip turns, open turns, and starts.