Wastewater Department

About Wastewater

The Wastewater Department operates and maintains two wastewater treatment plants and 72 lift stations. These facilities convey and are permitted to treat approximately 16 million gallons of wastewater per day during dry weather periods and up to 48 million gallons per day during wet weather periods.


To meet the demands of current growth, the capacity expansion of Dallas Salmon Wastewater Treatment Plant was completed in October 2010. SWWRF was completed in 2012 and serves the southwest area of the City. The department’s operations staff works a seven day a week schedule to ensure proper treatment operation, and along with maintenance personnel, is on call for emergency situations. Included in these facilities are approximately 200 pumps of various designs from 3 horsepower (hp) to 185hp; 10 centrifugal blowers 40hp to 200hp, and many other specialized pieces of equipment required to provide adequate treatment of the City’s wastewater.

Southwest Water Reclamation Facility Aerial Photo

The department surveys and monitors commercial businesses that may discharge substances into the sanitary sewer system potentially harming to the environment. The pretreatment coordinator and pretreatment technician assist businesses to become compliant with local, state, and federal guidelines.

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Mission Statement

The City of League City Wastewater Department is dedicated to serving the public and protecting the environment by promoting exceptional treatment of wastewater through safe regulatory compliance, water conservation, providing the highest quality effluent for recreational use, and promoting utilization of reclaimed wastewater effluent.

Facility Tour

A tour of the Dallas Salmon Wastewater Facility or Southwest Water Reclamation Facility (SWWRF) is available Monday through Thursday to residents, schools, and community groups by appointment only. Please call 281-554-1320 to schedule.