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Banner Permit requests can NOT be submitted prior to six months (180 days) from the event. Due to limited space, banner permits are issued on a first come, first serve basis. City of League City events are given priority.

City Ordinance Sec. 90-12. - Temporary signs (banners) over right-of-way.
A nonprofit, philanthropic, or special events organization whose primary mission is to coordinate programs or events intended to contribute to or enhance the quality of life for residents of the City of League City may request to install banners over public rights-of-way only after submitting an application to the City of League City and obtaining approval by the city manager or his/her designee.

A temporary banner:
Must be mesh or similarly permeable material. Vinyl shall be considered an acceptable material with limitations noted in table 2.B.
May only advertise public events, such as holidays, nonpolitical elections and similar occasions, with the exception that the city may provide information regarding local elections including but not limited to dates and locations.
Shall be placed at a location approved by the Texas Department of Transportation as designated by the State of Texas and the City of League City.
May be removed by the city during inclement weather.
A permit shall:
Follow guidelines established by the Texas Department of Transportation for use of State of Texas right-of-way for temporary signs for special events.
Be issued for a period not to exceed 14 days.
City sponsored events may supersede requests by other eligible organizations as approved by the city manager or his/her designee.
The city shall assess a fee for installation, removal and management of temporary banners.

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